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Omen, das neue KTM

11. August 2007

Wer oft Raidet, „braucht“ gewisse Addons. Besonders die Damage Dealer müssen mit Ihrem Schaden gut aufpassen. Damals übernahm das Addon KLHThreatMeter die Aufgabe. Heute gibt es ein neues Addon Namens Omen. Beide Addons sind kompatibel zu einander. Unter Weiterlesen findet Ihr die Features.

As a GUI for Threat-1.0, Omen gains all of its power and features, including:

  • Multi-mob threat tracking. Omen shows a threat list for the mob that you have targeted, which allows you to maintain a reasonable idea of your threat level against any given target in a multi-mob encounter. This isn’t possible for meters that only report aggregate threat.
  • Automatic boss encounter threat management. Encounters with threat wipes are handled automatically, and ensure that your threat lists stay relevant and usable.
  • No „bleed-over“ threat from player-player damage. Unlike aggregate meters, Omen won’t report incorrect threat levels for Shatter, Static Charge, and other player-inflicted damage.
  • Lean and mean. Threat and Omen are both written for speed and efficiency, and consume only trivial amounts of system resources.

Features include:

  • Fully configurable display, which allows you to change virtually all colors, textures, and sizes, letting you customize the meter to fit into your UI as you best see fit.
  • Class filtering, allowing you to ignore classes whose threat you aren’t interested in.
  • Absolute threat, relative threat percentage, and threat-per-second (TPS) values
  • Aggro gain indicator to help you see when you might pull (or lose) aggro.
  • Pull-out threat bars that allow you to compare your threat level against a tank’s threat level in single, easy-to-understand bar format. No more scanning a list of 25 people to ensure you stay below a tank – just pull off their bar from the main display and you can monitor your threat level versus theirs to ensure that you stay safe.
  • Optional display for threat values from KLH Threat Meter, so that even if your groupmates are not using Omen, you can still see approximate threat from them. Please be aware that as KTM is an aggregate meter and not aware of multiple targets, any values from it will be incorrect in any multi-mob encounter beyond the first mob.
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  1. 11. August 2007, 13:48 | #1

    Nutze ich schon lange, vorallem weil es weniger Ressourcen fristt.

  2. 11. August 2007, 20:00 | #2

    Ich hab auch Omen installiert.

  3. Jogie
    15. September 2007, 00:55 | #3

    Das tool macht nur ärger im pvp.

    aber sonst ausserhalb isses geil.

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