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Natur EnemyCastBar 6.7

19. Januar 2007

Auf der Website von Curse-Gaming gibt es eine neue Version von Natur EnemyCastBar. Den Changelog findet ihr unter weiterlesen.

CECBNat400en icons drNECB500en cbars2

Bilder sind von Curse-Gaming

Hier gehts zur neuen Version.

19.01.07 Natur EnemyCastBar 6.7.0 | Localizations: Taiwan, England/US, France, Germany. Advice: Delete your CEnemyCastBar folder, before you install this version because of removed/changed filesnames! This version’s PvE code changed dramatically. Pls, report any LUA error of the PvE_Module 😉

* New Setting: Different Fonts may be applied to the CastBars by a new slider now. (Thanks for some fonts to SCT Addon)

* Improved: Added known texture names, changed(!) and added some textures. (Thanks to ACE2 surfaces from andreasg)

* New Feature: Options Tooltips of NECB now display all detected spells! (All Debuffs, PvE/Raid Spells and number of cooldowns/pvp spells)
* + PvE and Boss Debuffs change their tooltip if you enter an instance.

* Improved: PvE Database has been revised: Only the spells and variables of the specific instance will be loaded! They are cleared if you leave the instance. *hurray*
* Also the PvE Functions now adapt to the concurrent instance and are cleared(!) if you leave the area 😀 (Better performance and completely modulized)
* + This makes PvE flag ‚aZone‘ obsolete! Has been removed.
* + Removed ‚custom_localization.lua‘ from PvE_Module.
* + Boss Debuffs have been internally moved into PvE section and are loaded/cleared for each instance seperately now.

* New Feature: Setting to disable CastBars of ‚Focus‘ Unit for all CastBar types that check your ‚Focus‘. Exception: Boss engages will always check ‚focus‘ name. (Requested by Affix :D)

* New Feature: Unit Spell Channeling is now detected by NECB, too! Works like other (unknown) spell casts supported some versions ago 😀
* + Channeled CastBars are running in the opposite direction to clearly discriminate channeling vs. normal spell casts!
* + Now ALL spells and spell channeling – known and unknown – will be displayed.
* + Many (I hope all) points are considered: Stop display of gains if it is a channeled spell and reset if global pvp is enabled, behaviour of cooldowns with these spell type etc.
* + Search for „–uncomment below to change direction of castbar types“ in CEnemyCastBar.lua to let other bar types run from right to left and remove „–“ of the lines following.

* Increased maximum time for „Movable Bars“ from 2 to 5 minutes. (Click on this button fastly to increase the duration). Remember: With RightClick on the Button you delete all Bars.
* Converted Audio files into MP3 format to reduce download size.
* Removed almost every chat message for changed settings
* Changed range of setting for scaling to 50% – 150%. (Bloodygrey’s request)
* Changed/Fixed time until the new „mob death with same name“ routine will be canceled from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds. That should fix the rare problem of not cleared castbars on mob deaths.
* Improved: Cooldowns will be cleared if you enter a PvP Arena! (Thanks to Affix!)

* Changed german spell name of „Demoralizing Shout“ for BC version. If you encounter any name changes of spells in other languages please let me know 😉
* Changed „Mangle“ (Druid) from 10 to 12 secs and „Pounce“ from 2 to 3 secs duration. (Thanks to woowoowoo)
* Added „Lacerate“ (Druid) Debuff only visible to Druids. (Thanks to woowoowoo)
* Removed any Mob Spells from PvP Section

* Fixed: Diminishing Returns are now properly cleared in seperated mode if mob dies
* Fixed: Spell interruptions/stops of unkown spells will now be handled correctly (e.g. they will be cleared).
* Fixed PvE Boss Gains displayed in black instead of ‚gains‘ color.
* Other code changes/optimizations

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