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Natur EnemyCastBar 6.5.5

11. Januar 2007

Auch die Entwickler von Natur EnemyCastBar haben eine neue Version raus gebracht. Den Changelog findet ihr wie immer unter weiter lesen und den Link gibt es hier.

10.01.07 Natur EnemyCastBar 6.5.5 | Localizations: Taiwan, England/US, France, Germany. Tipp: Do not forget „/necb help“.

* New Feature: If you switched your target to a casting Unit and did miss the cast start NECB will now trigger an exact castbar that displays the remaining duration! (Thanks to funkydude for this idea)

* Improved: When a mob with the same name dies, but it was not ‚your‘ mob, the CastBars won’t be cleared in most cases.
* Improved: Every AnchorBar’s exact center now stays into position if scale setting has been changed!
* Improved: Every changed slider setting will display all bars now! This is a good chance to disable the colors you do not want to see (with ALT + RightClick), because mouse input will stay enabled.
* ReAdded the checkbox to set the CastBars text size.
* Removed the throttle slider. I proclaim it useless and I did not like it at all.
* Removed the CastBreak checkbox. It was obsolete, because it will be set dynamically since 6.4.5.

* Added a MiniMap Button for ‚disabled status‘ of NECB.
* ALT + LeftClick on the MiniMap Button enables/disables the AddOn.

* Added new Afflictions flag ’notdetected=true‘ for Debuffs that are not beeing detected by NECB’s combat log parser!
* + Those Debuffs will only trigger a CastBar for the Caster!
* + „Distract“ (Rogues) was added to Afflictions section as an example for the use of ’notdetected=true‘. (Thanks to SinisterStrike)
* + + You have to target the Mob you want to Distract, otherwise NECB won’t trigger a bar! There are the same problems as with „Flamestrike“ AoE (s. 6.4.7 changelog).

* Added new Afflictions flag ’spellbreaker=true‘ for Debuff Bars that shall only be triggered if a spell interruption of your target has been detected!
* + „Counterspell“ (Mages), „Kick“ (Rogues), „Shild Bash“ and „Pummel“ (Warrior) were added and use both, ’notdetected=true‘ and ’spellbreaker=true‘.
* + + Coded a new detection that checks whether the target was really casting something (e.g. red bar found?). So these bars indicate a REAL spell school blackout! 😀

* Added support for NECB Communication in Arena Battlegrounds (untested).

* Fixed a bug that appeared if players with a disabled NECB entered the gaming world.
* Fixed a bug with the new placeholder support (%t) for NECB’s custom bars or „/necb chat“. (Thanks to ZeroKnowledge)
* Fixed MiniMap Button trouble caused by ‚MobileMinimapButtons‘ Addon! That Addon simply unregistered NECB’s on drag catcher!

* Known issue: MindControl casted by another player on Mobs does always trigger a player combat event, so NECB thinks that a player is afflicted and sets the timer to 12s! (Thanks to funkydude)
* + Workaround 1: If the MCed Unit is your target NECB will check if it is a player character.
* + Workaround 2: If you are in an instance but not in battlegrounds NECB will always assume you MCed a non player character.

* + Patch 2.03 changes applied to „Tranquility“ (Druid), „Divine Illumination“ (Paladin), „Cloak of Shadows“ and „Garrote“ (Rogue), „Shadowfury“ (Warlock)
* + Added Mage Pet Spell „Freeze“ that will now trigger a „Frost Nova“ bar (fr, tw missing).
* Added Rogue Spell „Shadowstep“.
* Updated TOC for Patch 2.03

* Hint: Use „/necb setrange allmax“ or „/necb setrange cmax“ to increase your combatlog range which might be needed for NECB’s debuff/buff renew system to work properly in case of long range spells!

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