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La Vendetta Boss Mods 2.30

11. Januar 2007

Heute ist eine neue Version von La Vendetta Boss Mods raus gekommen. Diese findet Ihr hier.

Den Changelog findet Ihr unter weiterlesen

* please delete all LVBM folders before installing this version
* LVBM was renamed to Deadly Boss Mods
* the minimap button got a new texture (thx 2 Shayariel)
* fixed some 2.0.3 issues
* fixed SendHiddenWhisper(), whispers containing a „%“ will now be hidden
* fixed version query in battlegrounds
* fixed a bug that killed the Twin Emp teleport timer a few seconds after it started (announce worked)
* only one tank needs to update to the version to fix the Twin Emp teleport timer
* the GUI is ready for Burning Crusade!
* removed the Kazzak boss mod
* rewrote the Battleground mod
* the Battleground mods are now three separate „boss“ mods
* added icons for the battleground mod
* added a new estimated points frame for Arathi Basin
* the AV auto turn-in function will now select „upgrade troops“ automatically
* the Battleground and Outdoor boss mods are now load on demand
* added a new bar texture: glaze
* added Gluth enrage timer
* added some Kel’thuzad cooldowns (cooldowns! they are _not_ exact)

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