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Natur EnemyCastBar 6.4.7

5. Januar 2007

Seid gestern gibt es eine neue Verison von Natur EnemyCastBar. Diese gibt es auf Curse-Gaming zum runterladen.

Den Changelog findet Ihr unter weiterlesen:


Natur EnemyCastBar 6.4.7 – OUT NOW!

Improved: Renew of Debuffs/Buffs
Displays a replication of your Targets AND Focus spell casting bar on your UI. Also displays timers for Gains (Buffs/HoTs), Cooldowns, Diminishing Returns, DoTs and DeBuffs like Stuns or Polymorphs!
I have provided cast times for most (if not all spells) to trigger CastBars for NON-UNITS (no target or focus etc.) and to support some Cooldowns!
As talents can be a factor on the cast time of some spells, the lowest cast time possible is used. (This only is an aspect of non targets/focus.)

=> Use „/necb“ or the minimap icon to call the menue.
Features (see „/necb help“ for commands):
Options may be set through a GUI matching the game’s design. They are outsourced into a separate AddOn which is loaded on demand.
Even unknown spell casts will trigger a bar, thanks to the new WoW 2.x API. Delays and CastStops are detected, too!
CastBars are even updated if Debuffs/Buffs are renewed. NECB checks for Resists/Misses, reads stack numbers and applied Debuffs for optimum results.
Addon splitted into separated load on demand modules
Automatic RaidSpell broadcasts through AddOns channel! (Users with a latency more than 500ms won’t broadcast!)
The CastBars will be pulled together if there is one bar deleted between others. (If CastBars last longer than 1 second.)
CastBars will be sorted by color
CastBar types may be separated into different movable frames!
Afflictions/ (Spell)Debuffs implemented! This shows you how long „Shackle Undead“ or „Polymorph“ last!
Class specific Diminishing Return timers which are only displayed for the class that can use this spell. The DeBuff duration IS recalculated by this timer!
Detects almost every Stun and triggers a global stun diminishing return timer
Icons to the left of the CastBars!
CastBars watch your DoTs!
Separated FPS Bar updated every frame
Combopoints are taken into account for many spells
You see some(!) spell cooldowns and detected cooldowns are stored into a dynamic database for all spells around you. The cooldown is displayed once you target the player/mob and cleared if you change targets.
The Addon unregisters all Events if it is disabled or if the user gets a loading screen to minimize CPU load!
Checks the version of group- and guildmembers and also has a button to whisper all users with old versions of NECB to update!
You may trigger CastBars on your Party/RaidMembers screens. They have to toggle this feature on and receive your input via „.countmin“, „.countsec“ or „.repeat“
CastBars with a total time >= 20 seconds will Flash if they reached the last 20% AND their time left is smaller than 10 seconds.
All Fading/ Flashing of CastBars and the collapse animation of the options frame are FPS independent until the framerate drops below 5(fps).
You may disable single(!) spells and save/load your selection (‚SHIFT + RightClick‘ feature + see ‚/necb help‘)
A checkbox to disable CastBars for ‚gains‘ (like HoTs or ‚Blink‘) separately.
A checkbox to flip over the CastBars‘ order.
The CastBar’s width can be modified!
You may customize the CastBar Colors!
A Checkbox to enable ‚global Mob outs‘. If this one is enabled ‚Mob outs‘ (which are ‚Polymorph‘, ‚Shackle Undead‘ etc.) will trigger a castbar even if the affected mob is NOT your current target.
A slider to set the space between the CastBars!
A slider to chose how many CastBars are displayed at once
Afflictions/Gains which fade off will have their bars deleted! (Even if you don’t target your enemy anymore.)
Raidboss Debuffs supported! E.g. Vaelastrasz (BA), Razorgore (Conflagration), (Shadow of) Ebonroc, Geddon (Living Bomb), (Delusions of) Jin’do…
A minimap button (movable/ hideable)
A fullreset-button
Settings will be saved per character
Mainly the german client is supported
Many new Spells added to the database regularly
Channel parser for NECB’s broadcasts
Info box about the LUA5.1 Garbage Collector status!
And more…
Supportet spells:
Open localization.lua (…de.lua, …fr.lua) with a texteditor to see which spells are supportet.
„–“ at the beginning of a line indicates a comment. Those spells aren’t used and won’t work correctly!
These are not bugs:
Spells won’t trigger CastBars if you are not near enough for them to appear in your combatlog (e.g. Chromaggus). Use „/necb setrange cmax“ or „necb setrange allmax“ to increase the range.
Spell cooldowns: Only spells with a castime or „gains“ work. And no, I won’t add more spell-checks to support those spells. (Too many complications :/ )
If Mobs with a Debuff have the same name, it is (mostly) enough to have one Mob’s debuff (or death) fade to clear the bar even without a target!
If someone does not inflict your current target, but has debuffed a Mob with the name name, a bar will appear
If a Mob/Player is already affected by a debuff the renew won’t update the bar (there is no combat message to check) (use „/necb cast spell“ instead)
Conclusion: Expect strange bar behaviors if there are mobs with the same name 😀 That lies mostly in the nature of the combatlog!
It works best if the same known debuffs are only casted on one mob if there are more mobs with the same name in combatlog-range 😉
Remember, some combatlog-messages (and with it the castbar clear or popup) only appear if you are very close to your enemy! (E.g. desheep.)
I carried on the great work the original author >> Limited << did and I want to credit him and all others who helped with this addon!
(If I have missed some names please tell me.)

The original author (Limited):
Miranda on Al’Akir (EU)
But please, don’t ask me for support while im in game!
If you want to thank me however, feel free 🙂

New/Modified versions (Naturfreund):
All listed ‚Natur‘ versions were done by – Naturfreund – (EU DE Tirion)
New versions are available from http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/files/…/natur-enemycastbar/

Most Bossmods support (Naxxramas+) has been provided by Funkydude!
Some bosses require to have them targetted to trigger PvE CastBars (or to unlock other castbars) on engage!
(BWL: Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor; AQ40: Three Bugs, Ouro, Huhuran, Twins, C’Thun; Naxxramas: Gluth, Maexxna, Loatheb)
Read the above part „These are not bugs“ 😉
Read the changelog carefully, especially if new features are presented!
Use ‚/necb help‘ or the menue’s HelpButton! (Did you know that ‚Shift + RightClick‘ disables a single Spell/ CastBar?)

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